Thursday, October 1, 2009

September 28, 2009

Hey Emus!

Greetings from the Bier :) We know you're all waiting in anticipation
for EDM updates, so here it is, the first one!

First and foremost is the Fall Alumni Weekend. In light of the
upcoming 10 year anniversary bash (Fall 2010) and financial concerns,
we will only be having one official Alumni Weekend this year, in the
spring. However, we don't want to restrict your desires to return to
the Hill, thus we would still like to invite you to join us for the
weekend of the fall semiformal, as usual. There will be no formal
Alumni Weekend events, and we will not be able to cover any costs, but
if you're willing and able, we would love to have you here! The exact
date of the semiformal is still in question, but it will definitely be
the weekend of November 13-15. If you'd like to stay on an Acland
couch, the first 3 who ask definitely can have dibs. And of course, if
you need help with airport rides and/or have a burning desire for
Fiesta, we can certainly arrange those things :) I

In other news, our officers for Fall 2009 are:

President: Anneke Mason
Vice-President: Laura DiNardo
Secretary: Savvy Guernsey
Treasurer: Dara Frank
Pledge Mistresses: Jean Turner & Tricia Shimamura
Rush Chairs: Emma Arden & Karuna Ramcharran
Community Service Chair: Lizzie Thorne
Greek Council Rep: Emily Rapp
Social Chair: Hannah Stewart
Social Committee: Callan Slavin, Savvy Guernsey, Jenny Dillon
Academic Chair: Jenny Dillon
Alumni Relations: Michelle von Hirschberg & Laule'a Gorden-Kuehn
Historian: Emily Ruf
Women's Outreach Chair: Shirley Kailas

The year is off to a great start! We've already had Senior-Sophomore
Bonding Night, complete with scandalous guessing games, and a variety
of Acland birthday celebrations. We've ordered zip-up hoodies with the
crest on the back, thanks to Savvy who dug up the crest from the EDM
archives. The Senior Scavenger Hunt and Kickball are coming up this
weekend, both of which will surely be a fantastic time, as always.
With eleven seniors, we outnumber the underclassmen! The E-Harms also
have the largest proportion of scavenger hunt fiends, thus our hunt
will be amazing :)

The annual review of the Constitution is underway as well, and in true
EDM fashion, we've formed a Constitution Committee. We've also
decided to hold the Halloween Party in the Pub this year at an earlier
time. Having discussed the event at great length, we came to the
conclusion that the venue was far more conducive for our purposes
(with only ONE entrance!), and that the earlier time would help us
attract and better accommodate those students who chose to not drink
on Halloween.

That's all for now! An EDM update blog is in the works, to keep you
all up to date with Emu happenings on a more regular basis. The
website will also be updated soon, so you can peruse all the new faces
and recent photos.

Also, if you plan to come Nov. 13-15, please let us know!

Sending love from Gambier and missing you all,

Michelle & Laule'a
Alumni Relations Chairs Fall '09