Sunday, January 3, 2010


To Emilia ( and Hannah (, our new Alumni Relations Chairs for Spring 2010!

Other officers for the coming semester:

President: Laura DiNardo
Vice President: Alicia Johnston
Secretary: Lizzie Thorne
Treasurer: Karuna Ramcharran

Social Chair:  Katie Bonadies
Academic Chair:  Michelle von Hirschberg
Community Service Chair:  Annie Severe
Greek Council Rep:  Emily Rapp
Women's Outreach:  Shirley Kailas
Historian:  Emily Ruf
Social Committee:  Emily Ruf, Emily Rapp, Callan Slavin

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from the Ladies of Epsilon Delta Mu!

First semester: check!

Hello Alumni!

EDM has been busy doing several things around campus. 

The Halloween Party was a great success. It was definitely a new experience holding the event in the pub. We had cookie decorating, Ghost Stories with Professor Shutt, a costume contest, and awesome decorations. We finished out the night, dancing to Motown and a great DJ! We all had a great time, and felt we were really able to provide for the non-alcoholic demographic on campus.

We also have some more somber news that Jackie decided to de-activate from EDM because she felt she didn’t have enough time to fully commit to EDM. If you have any questions about her decision feel free to contact Anneke. 

As you may know, Victoria Hougham came and visited Kenyon this past week to give a presentation on Human Trafficking and another on Social Work. She also stopped by the Acland to hang out with EDM one evening! It was really nice to meet an EDM we had never met before and hear about her successes. 

The swine has taken over Kenyon! As a result, the administration claimed Weaver for “isolation housing”  and blocked us out of our 3 month old reservation on the space for Semi-Formal. So we ended up having our semi-formal in DKE lounge. Although it wasn’t an ideal space, we made it classy with lots of lights. The next day, the newly engaged Amanda Schermer also came down for a visit. We made her tell the proposal story approximately 378.4 times, and had a great time catching up with her. All in all it was a great EDM weekend!

The semester is winding down, but we still have some events planned for the remainder of the semester including PNO, a group lap dance class, and elections. We are also already preparing for rush, which starts the Friday after we return from Winter Break. 

We have even come up with a date for Spring Alumni Weekend! It will be Friday March 26, 2010 thru Sunday March 28, 2010. Semi Formal will be on Saturday night, so if you can’t make it here by Friday night, you can still attend! Please email Michelle ( and/ or Laule’a ( if you have any questions and to RSVP as you make your plans to attend. 

We thought we’d include some updates about ourselves, so you know how things are going for us on the hill. If you don’t know any or all of us, you can stalk us more on the EDM website ( or contact us directly. We would love to talk with you! 

Eharmony: it’s not a website, it’s a lifestyle. 

Adrienne - This semester has been pretty hard so far in terms of work; I spend most of my time in the library! Sociology comps are going well though, I am writing them on how family photographs are a presentation of self, which is fun because I get to go into people's homes and analyze their pictures! I miss Ireland a lot, but I'm glad to be back spending time with all of my awesome friends! I have no idea what I want to do when I graduate, but I hope to move to Chicago with Shirley!

Anneke - Hey Alums!  Things are going great this semester with EDM, but my job search has proved less than fruitful.  I live in constant fear of Jean's revolution to overthrow me with Che Guevara.  I have dropped honors which has proved to be a huge WIN.  I look forward to next semester when comps are done and I can fully live it up for my last semester!

Annie - I am currently spending my time living in the emotional abyss that is New Apt A1 (just kidding! - we just have a lot of feelings!), and working on my comps for Studio Art.  I am contemplating moving into the Art Barn, but I think I'll save that for next semester.  The caffeine addiction has already commenced.  I am also trying to figure out what to do with the next few years of my life.  I am in the process of applying for the Peace Corps, various random jobs, and considering grad schools.  I am enjoying an irresponsible year at Kenyon before I have to become a real person and get my act together.

Callan - I have had a great semester so far. I am planning on going to law school next year, so I have been busy filling out applications and taking the LSAT, as well as working on comps for History. I had an amazing time in Italy last semester, but I am so happy to be back at Kenyon to enjoy my senior year with my friends!

Jean - I'm back in action on campus after sailing the Caribbean for a semester.  Yes, I know how to trim the sails AND sing about it. Yes, I drink rum.  No, I did not run into pirates (I know, disappointment for all).  I'm fully embracing the nerd within this semester by getting really into two of my classes that complement each other: an English class called Victorian Ghosts, and my senior seminar (history) in which I'm writing my comps on Victorian mourning and funeral practices (yes I listen to Taylor Swift sometimes to bring me up from my morbid academics).  I'm also working at the Kenyon Archives and designed a couple of display cases for the sesquicentennial of Ascension this year!  Random fact to end with: sometimes when I see big machinery, I wonder what kind of Transformer it would be.

Laule'a - This semester I have been busy working on my double major, continuing my duties as Chris Brophy's life coach, and having dirty song jam sessions with Sarie (and her ukelele) in the acland. I miss India a lot, but I'm also finally realizing to appreciate the short time I have left at Kenyon to partake in collegiate debauchery. Anyone up for a game of bottles? For next year, I applied for the long shot of a Teaching Fulbright to Bangladesh, and to Teach for America, but I'm also looking into grad school. Cross your fingers for me!

Laura - Last spring I studied abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and had a fantastic time.  This semester I'm getting back into the swing of Kenyon life, working on my Anthropology comps (which are due in less than 2 weeks) and trying to figure out what I want to do after school.  As of yet, I am undecided, but hoping to work with kids.  

Michelle - Today I'm ready to graduate, tomorrow I'll never want to leave - it's always changing.  I'm currently dealing with the here and now by writing my sociology comps on the connection between local foods and elements of community.  When I'm not in my library carrel, I'm battling the swine flu, working as a senior interviewer, frequenting the VI or Cove with various visiting alums and/or Emu seniors, and trying to secure employment for next year.  Thus far, I have applications into Teach for America and City Year, and I've got three interviews lined up for a variety of other positions in Chicago and DC that may or may not be successful.  On the flip side, I spend at least ten minutes a day desperately missing Bamberg, Germany, where I spent my glorious summer.

Sarie - I came back to Kenyon a week or so after re-entering the country from Thailand, where I studied abroad and worked over the summer.  I'm back at the Acland for the 3rd year in a row now, and my senior year is going well - although I am ambivalent at best about my academics these days.  My plans for next year are A) teaching in Thailand  B) going to grad school for a masters in teaching at Earlham  C) Entering the job market headfirst for a year or so.  If all else fails, I will live as a beach bum in Hawaii, where my parents can provide me with food and shelter and love.  Life is good.

Shirley - Hi everyone! Senior year is proving to be a little more intense than I ever suspected. Between my major, minors, Comps, and thinking about next year, being a normal, social individual is proving to be a bit of a challenge. Still, I'm trying my best to savor being a student and everything else I love about Kenyon. My plan for next year is to move to the Chicago area and find a job at a non-profit (ideally I would love working with youth/empowerment programs). I am really looking forward to this change and stalking the EDM alumni in Chicago! Much love all around.

Etards: small in number, large in strength

Dara - This semester has really taught me how to cut out activities and clubs that I only half care about and to really step it up in the ones I do care about. I had a great time being rugby captain and taking on a larger role in EDM as Treasurer. In the spring, I am heading abroad to Jerusalem, and I could not be more excited!

Savvy--This semester, I'm spending all of my money overnighting late abroad paperwork and not finishing my Russian homework. I have developed a deep hatred for Cistercian monks because of my medieval lit class, as well as some modicum of pity for the poor under-respected Welsh. Beyond that, I've spent a lot of time cultivating my misanthropic personality by using Stumble Upon WAY too much.

Edorable: yea, we’re just that cute

Emily Ruf – Sometimes people call me Fur. I pretend to hate it, but I actually LOVE IT. PLEASE CALL ME FUR ALL THE TIME!!! I enjoy not playing softball, watching entire seasons of TV shows as quickly as possible, and eating raw turkey. Currently, I am holding a santa hat wearing teddy bear on my lap.  Sometimes, I like to do this dance called the Buttons dance. Also, I enjoy Gilmore girls and snore at night. PS I am from Landenburg, PA and majoring in MLL (Japanese and Espanol).

Emma Evelyn Arden (also known as a BAMF) - I recently declared my neuroscience major and plan to study abroad at King’s College in England in order to learn more about the field. I’m currently living in the Acland with Emily (Fur) having the time of my life! We recently decorated our room for Christmas and started a fail/win wall. SUCCESS. I also tend to grind my teeth at night, which can at times sound like the Grinch chewing on rocks when I don’t wear my night guard. I love drinking seasonal celestial tea (among other things) and to create moats around my bed using clothes, books, and half eaten apples. Life is awesome!

Hannah - Sophomore year is fun, but I miss the "new" factor of freshman year! I've been keeping myself busy by declaring my major (International Studies) and minors (Russian and Anthropology). I am planning on going abroad to Russia all next year, but I don't actually talk about that with my sisters, because I'll get separation anxiety. When I'm not planning out my life, I enjoy napping in my snuggie or interpretive dancing.

Jenny - My semester has recently gotten crazy, but so far I've managed to keep my life together(ish)... I have yet to write my Anthropology comps paper about Mothering and I really should get started on that. I'm a varsity softball pitcher and practice keeps me busy, even in the off season.  I went abroad oh-so-long-ago (aka sophmore year) on the Kenyon-Honduras program and it was great and I miss 85% of it every day. Two weeks ago I got to see N.E.R.D. and Jay-Z in Columbus; it was amazing. I have been listening to the Blueprint 3 on repeat ever since. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I grow up and thus don't know what I'm doing with my life after I graduate. Pray for me. 

Karuna - Hello! This semester has been very good thus far (knock on wood for it to remain as such). Russian class has been keeping me busy and I recently declared a Political Science major! Yay! I hope to study abroad in Freiburg, Germany next fall with the European Union program. I also like cupcakes. I, however, do not like octopi.

Raptor - This semester was off to a rough start when I tore my ACL at a rugby game in September. However, I have kept myself busy working on my Philosophy Major and assistant stage managing a senior drama thesis that is going up this weekend. I've kept busy maintaining the Raptor reputation by attending Old Kenyon lounge parties (leg imobilizer and all) and continuously having good stories for my sisters at meeting on Sunday. I even had the good fortune of acquiring a golf cart and losing it to Security during Senior Scavenger Hunt Night as me and a few of the sisters raced down Middle Path with 3 shirtless swimmers!  

Tricia - Being the only junior in EDM that is not going abroad, I've dedicated a large amount of my time into projects that are really going to have time to grow throughout the year. This semester I am a part of a research group collaborating with MVNU on examining the "hook-up culture" at both the "Naz" and Kenyon. Other than working in my research class, I've tried to actually appreciate and enjoy all that Ohio/Kenyon has to offer, including:  walks through the BFEC, a pilgrimage to see the World's Largest Basket, Cedar Point, Peggy Sue's pie, cooking dinners at the Acland, trips to the Columbus zoo, Dawe's Arboretum, and many evening get-togethers with the EDMs. Work is hard, but I'm continually falling in love all over again. 

All the best, 

Laule’a, Michelle, and the Sisters of Epsilon Delta Mu