Sunday, May 9, 2010

Election Results for Fall 2010

Hi all!

We recently held elections for the upcoming fall semester. Your new alumni chairs will be Savannah Guernsey and Laurel Ota! It's been great working with you all this year and we hope to see more of you in the future. I am currently working on getting the video that Emily made this year to you all. It was great and I think it really sums up the year well. I'll keep you posted! Other positions are listed below.
~ Emilia

President: Emilia
Vice President: Tricia
Secretary: Emma
Treasurer: Karuna
Pledge Mistresses: Laurel, Dara
Community Service Chair: Alicia
Rush Chairs: Susannah, Aislinn
Social Chair: Emily Rapp
Greek Council Representative: Dara
Academic Chair: Rebecca
Historian: Katie
Social Committee: Savannah, Susannah, Karuna
Women's Outreach Chair: Rebecca
Division Housing Coordinator: Katie