Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hello alumni! Greetings from your new alumni relations chairs, Hannah and Emilia. We’re excited to work with everyone this semester and to start planning for the big ten year anniversary!

Our first month back to Kenyon has definitely been busy. Rush was successful and now we have five new pledges! This year’s events included a meet and greet, Nick’s pizza, crafts, cookie decorating, game night, semiformal dinner, a day in Columbus with ice skating and chipotle, and fondue night! We just started the pledging process on Sunday and we think this year’s group will be great.

Right now we are also in the process of getting division housing for the Acland. The decision is waiting at Senate, as a subcommittee investigates all division housing at Kenyon. I don’t think anyone realized how long it would take for a decision to be made, but we are hopeful that it will be passed and we will no longer have to apply for themed housing every year.

This month we also took part in an ALS benefit with the DKE’s. Last weekend there was an extended happy hour at the VI, followed by Motown and DJs, all to raise money for Lou Gehrig’s disease! It is estimated that around $5000 was raised for the cause. Great job to Laule’a and other sisters for doing publicity for the event!

We hope to be updating you throughout the semester with the latest in EDM news. I also wanted to remind you that alumni weekend is quickly approaching and we would love to get more RSVPs! Please email or if you know you’ll be coming.


Hannah and Emilia

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  1. I love the blog, thanks so much for setting this up! As a Kenyon/EDM addict, it's always wonderful to hear what's going on.